"If you want to have a great idea, have lots of ideas" -- Linus Pauling
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Calendar of Events   Please note that the scheduled events are tentative pending resolution of the Covid-19 issues
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  • 9 April 2020: ACS local section meeting (CANCELLED)
  • 10 April 2020: Northwest Science Exposition. NOTE: this is now a Virtual Fair. Judges needed!
  • 22 April 2020: 50 Years of Earth Day
  • 14 May 2020: ACS local section meeting. Speaker: Prof. Miriam Bowring of Reed College; plus recognition of 50-70 year ACS members and poster session with NWSE winners
  • 20 June 2020: Oregon Science Startup Forum
  • 28 June - 1 July 2020: ACS NORM meeting at Western Washington University, hosted by the Puget Sound section
  • 10 September 2020: ACS local section meeting (details forthcoming) with recognition of 25-40 year ACS members
  • 8 October 2020: ACS local section meeting (details forthcoming)
  • 17,18 and 24,25 October 2020: National Chemistry Week: "Sticking with Chemistry"
  • 25 October 2020: Portland Section Undergraduate Poster Symposium and Career Fair at Portland State University
  • 12 November 2020: ACS local section meeting with poster presentations by SEED students
  • 10 December 2020: ACS local meeting
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