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We are the Portland, Oregon local section of the American Chemical Society.  The Portland Section covers counties in northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington.  The American Chemical Society (ACS) is the world’s largest scientific society and one of the world’s leading sources of authoritative scientific information.  A nonprofit organization, chartered by Congress, ACS is at the forefront of the evolving worldwide chemical enterprise and the premier professional home for chemists, chemical engineers and related professions around the globe. 

The Linus Pauling Medal

We are one of the three ACS sections that host the Linus Pauling Medal Award Symposium (the other two are the Puget Sound Section and the Oregon Section).  The Pauling Medal is awarded annually and the symposium is held in the fall.  Oregon State University maintains an exhibit dedicated to Linus Pauling's work.

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Section mailing address:

Portland Local Section
American Chemical Society
PO Box 1741
Portland OR 97207-1741

Section email:  Section Contact
Section phone:  503-912-4360
The Local Section ID is L620
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