Portland Section Elected Officials and Committees

To contact the Section, send email to Section Contact or call 503-912-4360

Elected Officials

Chair: Andrew Baggett
Secretary: Elaine Nam
Councilor 2: Jim Tung
Chair-Elect, Program Chair: Andrew Baggett
Treasurer: Dave Reingold
Alternate Councilor 1: Warren Ford
Past Chairs: Ken Schriver and Marcie Merritt
Councilor 1: Angela Hoffman
Alternate Councilor 2: Marcie Merritt


Scholarship Awards: Louis Kuo
Oregon Science Startup Forum: Charla Triplett, Martha Dibblee, Dave Reingold, Jim Tung, Scott Vanderwerf, Troy Wahl
Newsletter Editor; Email Administrator; NWSE Liaison: Martha Dibblee
Chemistry Olympiad: Armando Herbelin
Young Chemists: Quentin Wilebski
Finance and Development:
Dave Reingold
National Chemistry Week; Project SEED; Election Nominations: Angela Hoffman
Career and Professional Relations: Jim Tung
Women Chemists: Hannah Hefely
Silver Chemists: Warren Ford
Diversity: Marcie Merritt
Webmaster: Dale Braden
Membership: Marcie Merritt
Poster Symposium and Career Fair: Dave Reingold
Public Relations; Advocacy; March for Science: Martha Dibblee

Student Affiliates

Linfield College: Natalie Wade, President
Portland State University:
Reed College:
University of Portland: