Silver Chemists Tour
of DEQ Lab
To: Portland Section Silver Chemists
From: Martha Dibblee, email administrator
Silver Chemists Tour of DEQ Lab
The ACS Portland Section Silver Chemists will tour the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Laboratory in Hillsboro on Thursday, January 24, 2019. To take the tour you must sign in and present a valid driver's license at the reception desk. The laboratory has analytical chemistry sections for both organic and inorganic parameters and analyze field samples for air, water, and land quality.
The tour will be limited to 16 people in two groups of 8 at a time (first 8 at 10:00 and second 8 at 11:00, each tour lasting about an hour). Those who arrive after the first 8 will adjourn to a nearby coffee shop (Longbottom Coffee and Tea, 4893 NE 59th) and return to DEQ before 11:00. After the 11:00 tour those who want to have lunch together will go to Longbottom Coffee and Tea, which offers sandwiches (including paninis), flatbreads, soups and salads.
Reservation required by January 18 via email to
DEQ Laboratory address: 7202 NW Evergreen Pkwy #150 97124, Hillsboro, OR 97006.